True inspiration travels through time like an arrow.
— Johnny Marr

Matthew Ernest Filler is an American composer, producer, performer and recording artist. He spent his youth writing and performing with cult speed-fusion heroes Cosmonaut before moving to New York City and immersing himself in the downtown avant-garde scene of the late 90's. He subsequently joined avant-punk-jazz quartet Friendly Bears on baritone guitar, with whom he had some of his first experiences making records and playing music around the globe. The years that followed saw Matthew touring and making albums with notable psychedelic pop ensembles Monocle and Mahogany, before founding Mansions and Junipers and releasing 3 albums in 2012 as primary songwriter, performer and producer. Matthew currently fronts psychedelic rock band The Crystallines and releases his solo music under the moniker Matthew Ernest. His most recent record, Golden Hour, and it's predecessor, Axis Of Symmetry, feature a wildly original cinematic coalescence of his unique experiences as both a media composer and a performer. 




The last 5 years have seen Matthew score hundreds of television commercials. His music can be heard on programming for major TV networks around the world. Matthew's recent foray into film has been a quick success, which is abundantly evident in his wildly original score for Jason Moore's absurdist comedy drama, Animals. Matthew seamlessly blends acoustic Americana with dark analog synthesis in a successful effort to tell a story riddled with internal and external conflict, both simultaneously on a path to destruction and healing. Furthermore, Matthew is the founder of Pralaya Productions, a multimedia facility and recording entity. Look out for many more uniquely engaging cinematic endeavors from Matthew in the years to come. When Matthew isn't in the studio making music, he spends his time surfing the frigid swells of the northeast US coast and teaches his toddler how to be a good citizen of the planet.